What is the community Channel ?
Overview:What is the Community Channel?
The Community channel is a place where you can find current and essential information to assist you in trading. It includes:
  • Comprehensive member discussion forums.
  • Credible information on key foreign trade matters, including sourcing, sampling, shipment, customs, financing, insurance, communication, quality control and marketing.
  • E-courses and tutorials on maximizing your online activities.
  • Other trade-related information.

With active member participation, it is a constantly-updating channel where you can learn, teach, and communicate with , with other members, and other key players in the import-export trade.


Education is a section that offers online courses, seminars, and Q&A. This section covers how-to-use- lessons, trading basics, and in-depth tutorials. members can participate by reading courses, asking questions, making comments and receiving feedback from and other third-party contributors. Some experienced users will sometimes be invited to be lecturers as well.

Here, you can get the most up-to-date and practical information about international trade and e-commerce.

General Trade Discussion
In the channel's trade discussion boards, members can exchange ideas and make comments regarding trade-related issues. has assigned Board Moderators to facilitate and manage the discussions.
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